Hey there!

We are Ethan Black and Seth Leon and live together in Europe.
Ethan is 18 years old and is very passionate about hair and hairdressing while I, Seth, am 20 and my life is all about photography and cameras.
Because we love each other and want to explore all about love and life together we decided that we could do with a little spicing up in our sex life.
Making videos for others to enjoy while we’re just doing what we love so much together makes things much more interesting to us.

We hope you find what you seek as more videos will keep coming for all our followers. There are many different needs and tastes out there. If you’d love to see us do something specific that we haven’t yet or you just want to see us do something again, shoot us a message and all your requests will be read and we’d love to try it out on camera!

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Ethan and Seth <3

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